Repairs DO NOT void warranty - says Apple 

(March 7, 2019. Tustin, Ca)

Repairing your phone after a crack or other mishap may not void your basic warranty that comes with every purchase of an apple product. As of February 2019, Apple released a statement to employees allowing repairs to be done on batteries, even if done so by a do-it-yourself part at home. 

Third-party repairs on batteries will not void any warranty on a phone that is separate from the battery itself. Repairs such as exploding 3rd party batteries will obviously void any warranty. 

As of 2017, cracked screens that have been repaired and any other displays that have been repaired outside of an Apple store will also not affect warranty, as long as the repair needed was not a direct affect of the display being repaired. Apple authorizes their employees to use their own judgement on determining whether or not the display was a cause.

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iPhone XS, XS Max Release

(September 21, 2018. Irvine, Ca)

The next big thing is here… again. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were released today and the legacy that brought Apple to the forefront of the technology train has brought traditional out-the-door lines, with new buyers ready to get their hands on the hippest piece of tech gear known to man. 
One of the biggest modifications of the newest generation of phones is the option for a bigger screen. The iPhone XS Max holds a 6.5-inch display (measured from corner to opposite corner), while the iPhone XS kept the 5.8-inch display. The camera and the speed of the phone has also been upgraded. 
While many people use their day to buy the best, most impressive piece of technology on the market, others buy the new phones for simpler reasons. “I wanted the bigger screen,” said Grace Sandoval when asked why she purchased the new iPhone XS Max. 
The Apple Watch was also released the same day. According to one customer, the new watch that was released is now waterproof, not just water-resistant like the last released watch. The most impressive update on the watch is an automatic alert installed on the device that is activated when the user possibly falls. The watch calls for help and is deactivated by voice. Another alert can monitor the heart rate and send information directly to your doctor when severe changes occur. Accuracy of the alerts are not known.

According to one security officer who was on duty during the release, the line started forming at 6 a.m. The line stayed consistent most of the day, and workers regulated customer purchases individually with "old" iPads.

Whether you are the first owner of the new phone or not, you will soon see them in palms everywhere, and the clearest selfies ever will be posted and show you what they can really do.

Photo (TOP): Grace Sandoval holding her new iPhone XS Max. 
Photo (BOTTOM): A line outside Irvine Spectrum during newest iPhone release.

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